My screenrc :)

I love screen, so here is my ~/.screenrc file:

# $Id: screenrc,v 1.7 2007/10/08 19:01:09 drscream Exp $
# Copyright 2007 Frubar Network (drscream@frubar.net)

shell                   bash
autodetach              on
defutf8         on
deflogin        off
startup_message off
nethack                 on

activity        "activity in %n (%t)"
bell_msg        "bell in %n (%t)"
defhstatus      "screen: ^En (^Et)"
shelltitle      "$ |sh:"

vbell           on
vbell_msg       "WHAT ??!!"
vbellwait       1

msgminwait      1
msgwait         3

#hardcopy_append on
#hardcopydir ~/.screen

windowlist title        " Num%+3=| Fl%+3=| Name"
windowlist string       " %3n%+3=| %f%+3=| %t"

zombie          ^D^C
escape          ^Aa
termcapinfo     xterm|xterm-256color|xterms|xs|rxvt ti@:te@

#idle 600 blanker
#blankerprg nice -n 19 cmatrix -abu9

bind ^r source "${HOME}/.screenrc"
bind ^e escape ^Xx
bind ^y escape ^Aa
bind ^x lockscreen
bind o  copy
bind p  paste .
bind .  number
bind l  lastmsg
bind w  windowlist -b
bind r  resize
bind s  select
bind >  split
bind <  remove
bind ^f focus down
bind =  resize =
bind +  resize +5
bind -  resize -5
bind ~  resize max

hardstatus alwayslastline
hardstatus string '%{= kY}[ %{R}%H %{Y}][ %{g}load[%l] %{Y}][ %{B}%d/%m/%Y %c %{Y}][ %{r}%=%?%-w%?(%n%f %t)%?%+w%? %{Y}]'

my screenrc file

  1. bluemaex says:

    Mon 08/10/07, 10:17 pm

    Hi doc, Thanks for that! Now screen really rocks :) Now it's time to read something more about this cool utility Greetz


  2. jm says:

    Sat 17/11/07, 12:16 pm

    hey my screen is resizing my session of putty - any ideas ? thx.


  3. drscream says:

    Sat 17/11/07, 3:33 pm

    hi jm, it's not a problem of the screenrc, it's a putty problem: you can found an option that called 'resize screen', or 'resize windows if ...'.


  4. fajar says:

    Thu 24/04/08, 4:49 pm

    hi doc, nice .screenrc. I love it. By the way, do you know how to 'divide' the screen horizontally, with 'tail -f /var/log/messages' running on the bottom part of screen? Thanks.


  5. drscream says:

    Fri 25/04/08, 8:50 am

    You can do this easy with the following in your configuration: --- screen -t "app1" sudo tail -f /var/log/messages 0 split focus screen -t "app2" 1 --- i hope it's working ;-)


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