vim dynamic fileheader

I've currently programming some small bash scripts and I would use my default Frubar fileheader for every script:
"-------------------------------------------------------------------- " $Id: vimrc.header,v 0.1 2008/01/23 16:05:22 drscream Exp $ " Copyright 2008 Frubar Network (drscream@frubar.net) "--------------------------------------------------------------------

At this point i've written a small vimrc file, thats allows me to insert the header by typing ,fh. The vimrc.header file can be found here!

To use this script insert the following in your ~/.vimrc file: " Source vimrc.header file, code header function let VIM_HEADER=expand("~/.vim/vimrc.header") if filereadable(VIM_HEADER) exe "source " VIM_HEADER endif

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