Plan9 from Outer Space - VMware Fusion

Installation and setting up Plan9 is sooo easy, but showing up the nice rio window manager under VMware Fusion takes all night.

On starting rio, i only receiving the following error message:

aux/vga: vgactlw: <linear 0x3e80000 0x0>: unknown vmware id 0740
rio: can't open display: initdisplay /dev/draw/new: no frame buffer
init: rc exit status: rio 9: display open

Okey so VMware sending strange vendor ids and other strange things to client machine or I don’t know ;-)

To change the VGA settings there is a small command line tool, that helps me out:

aux/vga -m DisplayModus -l Resolution

Finding the display mode and resolution that works take a little bit of time. The current is working with my VMware Fusion version:

aux/vga -m cinema -l 1280x768x24

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