Failed or broken state for SmartOS zone

During a zone reprovision I run into the problem that it failed. The only fail was an broken zoneinit script that i’ve created myself. But now the zone is in a failed state, so it isn’t possible to stop or reboot the machine with the vmadm command.

$ vmadm list
UUID                                  TYPE  RAM      STATE     ALIAS
82f1ff1f-7d70-4025-a23a-e8623aee655e  OS    512      failed    router

The only valid command is to remove the zone, but that wasn’t a possible solution for me. I’ve found a small workaround by modifying the /etc/zones/ files.

$ vim /etc/zones/82f1ff1f-7d70-4025-a23a-e8623aee655e.xml

Search for the line that contains failed and remove it.

Now you will be able to start or reprovision the zone again. This is only a workaround and could also break your zone.

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