Update FreeBSD-current

It may sound a little bit strange but mostly I couldn’t remember all the commands to update my FreeBSD-CURRENT installation. For that I share the commands I use in a blog post.

First of all get the newest base and kernel source via git or subversion:

$ cd /usr/src
$ svn update

We’re staying in the /usr/src folder. And building the new world and kernel:

$ make -j `sysctl -n hw.ncpu` buildworld

# Add "KERNCONF=yourkernelname" for a custom kernel
$ make -j `sysctl -n hw.ncpu` buildkernel

Install your kernel and reboot your system. It’s recommended to go to single user mode, but not required.

$ make installkernel
$ reboot

After the reboot we should merge the new and old configuration, for that reason we create a merge environment.

$ cd /usr/src
$ mergemaster -p                          

Install the new world and merge configuration files.

$ make installworld
$ mergemaster -iUF                         

Than we should remove old files and libs which are no longer required.

$ yes | make delete-old
$ yes | make delete-old-libs
$ cd /usr/obj && chflags -R noschg * && rm -rf *

That’s it and reboot. Maybe you need to update and check your userland files.

$ reboot

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