kde kontact (kaddressbook) with (open-)LDAP

It's not so easy to use kaddressbook that connect to an openLDAP Server. We want to use a secure openLDAP Server that needs some tweeky config stuff.

openLDAP configuration

  1. Download your root-CA file and save it, for example /etc/ssl/openldap/class3.cacert.crt
  2. Edit the openldap configuration file, /etc/openldap/ldap.conf:

    BASE dc=ad, dc=company, dc=com URI ldap://ad.company.com HOST ad.company.com

    TLSCACERT /etc/ssl/openldap/class3.cacert.crt TLSREQCERT never

kaddressbook configuration

  1. Adding a new ldap connection via the configuration menu
  2. For the following settings you must know how your ldap server is configured...username, password, a.s.o.
  3. Example:

    Name: ldapcon [x] Read-only User: first.last@company.com Password: ... Host: ad.company.com Port: 636 LDAP-V: 3 DN: DC=ad,DC=company,DC=com Filter: sn=* Security: SSL Authe: Simple [x] Sub-tree query

That's it :-) Here are also some small links that might be interesting: - http://www.brennan.id.au/20-SharedAddressBook_LDAP.html - http://www.hoernerfranzracing.de/kde/ldap.html


March 29, 2009, 11:39 am


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